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During this one-week tournament, Unruly Schools will be divided into two teams and compete in a high-flying basketball competition that combines coding with stomping. So, lace up your sneakers, sharpen your coding skills, and prepare for a week of excitement, action, and slam dunks!


Step Up Your Game— Stomp Madness is Here!


Tournament: March 27–31

Sign up deadline is Friday, March 17


Unruly Schools

Not an Unruly School? Click here to get started.

The Ultimate Coding and Stomping Tournament!

March 27–31

Join schools from across the US and Canada as you compete in a basketball-themed Stompetition.

Here's how it works:


Each Splat Stomp is worth 1 point


Based on your school's size, Splat number, and availability, you'll be drafted to compete on one of two teams: The Slam Dunks or The Alley Oops


At the end of the week, the team with the most combined stomps will be crowned the National Champion

Coding FUN Included

Learn how to build a functional basketball scoreboard that counts by 1s, 2s, and 3s with a comprehensive lesson plan

Rack up your stomp count with basketball-inspired coding games.


2v2 fast-paced coded basketball challenge

Stomp Madness is more than stomping, we also have a variety of engaging coding activities to choose from.

Unruly Catch

Show off your abilities as you compete to catch as many basketballs as you can

Play in the gym! Make all the baskets before the timer runs out.


Cheer On Your Teammates!